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Termopasta süstlaga SilverPro Spire


Osta Termopasta süstlaga SilverPro Spire its24 e-poest. Meil on hea hind ja kiire tarne.


Tootekood: SP-456
Laoseis: Tellimisel
Tarneaeg: Küsi!
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2,35 €


Spire SilverGrease Pro is a high performance, silver based composite thermal interface material designed to maximize heat transfer from processors to heat-sink enabling you to get more cooling performance! The high viscosity formula efficiently fills invisible surface imperfections to improve contact and thermal conductivity. The supplied 1g syringe is sufficient for 4 processor cooler installations. The Spire SilverGrease Pro is a must have for every PC enthusiast.

Main Features:
* Durable high quality thermal interface material
* Silver based composite
* Applicable to CPU and GPU processors
* Suitable for high wattage processors
* Thermal improvement for your processor
* Tool-free and simple application
Weight: 1g

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