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Termopasta+ puhastus Thermal kit Spire


Osta Termopasta+ puhastus Thermal kit Spire its24 e-poest. Meil on hea hind ja kiire tarne.


Tootekood: SP-455
Laoseis: Tellimisel
Tarneaeg: Küsi!

5,70 €


Spire Thermal-Kit is a high performance kit with quality thermal interface material designed to maximize heat transfer from processors to heat-sink enabling you to get more cooling performance. The high viscosity formula efficiently fills invisible surface imperfections to improve contact and thermal conductivity. The supplied 5g syringe is sufficient for 10 to15 processor cooler installations.

Cleanser fluid removes all thermal interface residues including silver based and prepares the processor surface for new thermal compound application. Ideal to clean CPU?s, GPU?s, Chipsets and RAM modules. The 125ml bottle Cleanser will last for months to come. The Spire Thermal-Kit is a must have for every PC enthusiast.

Main Features:
* Durable high quality thermal interface material
* Applicable to micro processors (CPU) and graphic array processors (GPU)
* Suitable for the newest high wattage processors
* Thermal improvement for your processor
* Included spreader makes application easy
* Tool-free and simple application

Product Includes :
Cleanser fluid
Thermal grease
Compound spreader

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