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Tahvelarvuti hoidik jalgrattale Mototab 7'' *


Osta Tahvelarvuti hoidik jalgrattalemototab7* its24 e-poest. Meil on hea hind ja kiire tarne.


Tootekood: WOD000009
Laoseis: Laos
Tarneaeg: 1-5 tööpäeva

32,00 €



Pritsmekindel tahvelarvuti hoidik jalgrattale, skuutrile.

Sobib kuni 7'' tahvelarvutile

Description: Handle MotoTab eXtremestyle ® brand is designed for tablets and phabletów with screens up to 7 '. High quality materials and careful workmanship to guarantee long product life. Case has additional inserts to match the devices of varying thickness. Tight fit on the steering wheel allows the safe use of the holder even when driving on uneven terrain. Thus, it is an ideal solution for those looking to spend time actively and at the same time be in constant contact with the world of wilderness wandering.

Technical specification

Internal size: Width: 19cm Height: 12cm Thickness: 2.5cm Diagonal: 21cm

External size: Width: 20.5cm Height: 13.7cm Thickness: 4.2cm Diagonal: 22.5cm

The distance from the steering wheel: 10cm

Wheel mounting bracket: 1.5 - 4cm

Weight: 188g

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