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Koopiamasin CANON ir2016


Osta Koopiamasin CANON ir2016 its24 e-poest. Meil on hea hind ja kiire tarne.


Tootekood: 109152
Laoseis: Laos
Tarneaeg: 1-5 tööpäeva
ESTO järelmaks kuumaks al. 41,41 €

799,00 €



Type: Desktop
Maximum Original Size: A3, 297 x 432mm

Copy Sizes
Cassette: A5 - A3
Stack Bypass: A5R - A3, Envelopes

Scanning: 600dpi x 600dpi (iR2016/2020 only)
Copying: 1200dpi equivalent x 600dpi
Printing: 1200dpi equivalent x 600dpi, Opt: 1200dpi x 1200dpi (UFRII LT)
256 Gradations

Copy/Print Speed
A4: 16cpm (iR2016/2016J), 20cpm (iR2020)
A3: 10cpm for iR2016/2016J/2020

Zoom: 50-200%
Fixed: 50%, 70%, 100%, 141%, 200%

First Copy Time: 7.9 sec.
Warm-Up Time: Approx. 13 seconds
Multiple Copies/Prints: 1 to 99 sheets
Duplexing: Optional Automatic Stackless

Paper Weight
Cassette: 64 to 90g/m2
Stack Bypass: 64 to 128g/m2
Duplex: 64 to 90g/m2

Cassette: Universal: A5 - A3

Paper Capacity
Standard: 250 sheets x 2 cassettes (80g/m2, 500 sheets) for iR2020, 250 sheets x 1 cassettes (80g/m2, 250 sheets) for iR2016J/iR2016
Multi Stack Bypass: 80 sheets (80g/m2) for A5R to A4, 50 sheets for A3 (80g/m2)
Optional: 250 sheets x 2 cassettes (500 sheets) for iR2020, 250 sheets x 3 cassettes (750 sheets) for iR2016J/iR2016, 250 sheets x 1 cassette for iR2016J/iR2016. Max total paper capacity: 1,080 sheets

CPU: Canon Custom Processor, 192MHz
Memory: 128MB to 256MB (optional with PCL Kit)
Interface: Ethernet (100Base-TX/10Base-T, Optional), USB
Power Supply: 220V AC to 240V AC +/- 10% (50/60Hz)
Power Consumption: 1.6kW max.
Dimensions: 622 (W) x 633.4 (D) x 580.5 (H) mm (iR2016/2016J)
Weight: Approx. 39.6kg (iR2016J/iR2016)

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